China is a really neat country to visit and I highly recommend going! I believe that if anyone has the chance, they should definitely visit the Great Wall! The Great Wall was one of my highlights of the whole entire trip! The Chinese government’s internet censorship and surveillance project is part of the Golden Shield Project which was initiated, developed, and operated by the Ministry of Public Security. It blocks foreign websites, apps, social media, instant messaging etc. that are deemed inappropriate or offensive. For example, violence, pornography, politically-sensitive/anti-government etc. They use a combination of technologies and government-run internet service providers. Keyword filtering, IP address blacklists, DNS poisoning, packet inspection, and manual enforcement are used. 

If you are headed to China and want to use the internet, I highly recommend getting a VPN: unblocks Google, Youtube and Facebook (along with many other different blocked sites). This is good for anyone who goes to China for work/living/travel whom uses the internet. There are many different VPN options but some do not work and others are slow. Nord VPN is the best free option: (first three months free and does not ask for your credit card) reliable and fast, reconnects automatically, you can connect to 3 different devices, works well with Netflix (which usually VPN choices do not). But it is slow at first, so keep that in mind if you are starting to use it- it will get better. 


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